Windows x64 Mac OS X. So as a compromise, we’ve added an option to enable savestates in the configuration menu, with an explanation of how they are intended to be used so users can understand the risks. Système d’exploitation 64 bits requis. Users who write tests that break Dolphin and provide source code give us a much easier look than trying to reverse-engineer what closed source software is doing. Unless they specifically tested codes on both Dolphin and Wii, there’s a chance they wouldn’t even know something was broken.

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Dolphin’s design doesn’t really allow for savestates to work between different builds safely, so we were left with a difficult decision. Mise à jour Enulateur. Windows x64 macOS Android. Since the Dolphin 5. With that, we also have a lot of other exciting changes this month, so now it’s time to dive into this month’s notable changes!

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It’s one of the rare cases where the software being debugged isn’t a emulatteur box! Since the Dolphin 5. In the case of Wiimmfi’s server, through cooperation from both sides, we were able to find the cache coherency issue and fix it serverside!

emulateur wii pour pc dolphin 3.0

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, there’s plenty of other notable changes to get through this month so let’s start chewing through them! Dolphin’s design doesn’t really allow for savestates to work between different builds safely, so we were left with a difficult decision.

With the brand-new auto-update feature came a bunch of broken savestates for users with no warning whatsoever. The game’s save function broke, so those were the only saves I had.


Versions de développement Development rmulateur are released every time a developer makes a change to Dolphin, several times every day! With that, we also have a lot eumlateur other exciting changes this month, so now it’s time to dive into this month’s notable changes!

Thanks to homebrew projects, these bugs are now a thing of the past. Oour de orbea. Downloadastro A propos de nous Les nouvelles d’Astro Contactez-nous. Versions stables Les versions stables sont publiées uniquement après une longue période de test emulatteur d’assurer dolpin stabilité et la performance de emulwteur.

Si vous avez des suggestions ou des commentaires, n’hésitez pas à wji contacter.


Killed the button group threshold setting. They are however less tested than stable versions of the emulator. One of the most interesting challenges of developing an dolpjin is that both the target hardware and most of the target software start out as black boxes. Maintenant nous pouvons profiter de ces jeux sur le PC grâce à Dolphinun émulateur qui offre le même rendement que les machines emulateue.

Linux distributions Ubuntu users can install a PPA for development and stable versions of Dolphin here: We’re sorry to anyone who ran into issues in the meantime, but as Dolphin on Android becomes a more legitimate option in the future, we’re likely to run into more of these growing pains.

emulateur wii pour pc dolphin 3.0

Assumptions that Dolphin makes can often be broken and certain features that mod developers use can be extremely slow or downright unreasonable to emulate. Fixed crash when dereferencing the potential null pointer returned by GetSelectedGame. Wiimmfi ‘s also provides their own backup Wi-Fi servers for many unmodified games and their Mario Kart mods! Rendez-vous ici pour signaler des bugs: This is normally not a problem with retail games because it’s rather bad form for a game to rely excessively on cache quirks, unless they were intentionally trying to break an emulator.


Sa version actuelle 4.

emulateur wii pour pc dolphin 3.0

Des alternatifs à Dolphin – Tableau comparatif des Logiciels: Tags des articles 3d 4. Savestates in Dolphin are not compatible between builds and a lot of phone users that had been solely relying on savestates wi in for a rude awakening during the next auto-update.

Users randomly losing their save data is not acceptable, but removing savestates on Android would be awful. While running unsigned code on the GameCube can be a bit of a pain, requiring custom hardware or a mixture of the broadband adapter and wli games, the Wii has one of the most robust homebrew emukateur of any console.

Not wanting to leave their emulated users emylateur and dry, they reported the bug emuoateur us. Dolphin est un émulateur pour deux récentes consoles de jeu de Nintendo: Mise à jour Aujourd’hui. Windows Jeux Emulateurs Dolphin 5. Just this year, we’ve seen important features like INI supportINI configuration, auto-update supportand ppur statistics reporting.

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